The Theatre: A Grand Tradition

Getting dressed up in costumes and learning lines to portray the vision of the writers in order to tell a story is a tradition that has been around since the beginning of civilization.

The earliest theatre has been inexorable linked to the rituals that were often performed by ancient civilizations in the earliest days of human kind and over many years and incarnations morphed into the theatre that people have now come to know and love.

There were many great civilizations that not only loved the theatre but considered it a vital and necessary part of their everyday existence.授業11

The following pages will delve deep into the history of the great theatre loving civilizations and take a look at how the theatre is run and what it takes to both put on successful theatre and who may be involved from the great writers associated with the theatre to the costume designers without whom the theatre would never exist.

Included will be pages on the everlasting and enduring myths of Greek theatre and the much later English Elizabethan theatre and explore the changes to theatre over the course of many millennia.

It is no secret to exactly why the love for the theatre has lasted over these millennia.

People always want an escape from the everyday drudgery of life and theatre offers that escape, whether you are a part of the production or simply a spectator to the grand vision of the writer and director the chances are that you will be moved on some level and that is what the theatre is expected to accomplish.